February 2011 to February 2012
Seoul, South Korea

Mr. Woods was the
Vice President/Technical Director of this firm, the largest in Korea, which  
provided full service Architecture and Construction Management services to an international

Mr. Woods was responsible for technical review of construction documents for international
construction practices conformance, US Army Corps of Engineers building and documentation
standards, recruiting and coordination of US engineering consultants, and document quality
assurance and technical accuracy.  He also had direct client contact on projects and acted as
the firm's architectural representative at job sites, meetings and client presentations.  He also
participated in preparing professional services proposals in Korea and Vietnam.

A listing of Mr. Woods' Projects include:
Heerim Architects & Planners
Craig A. Woods, RA
LEED    Accredited Professional
HHOP Family Housing, USAG Camp
Humphreys, Korea (Heerim)

Vice President/Technical Director of
Heerim, a South Korean Architectural
firm, Mr. Woods provided oversight on
this Army Corps of Engineers project.
This project was to facilitate the
relocation of the US Army Garrison
Yongsan from Seoul to Camp
Humphreys, about 40 miles south.  This
was Phase One of a 2-phase, $1.3B
housing element that will provide 3, 4, &
5 bedroom apartments for 2,400 military

Phase One of this Design/Build Project
included 1,400 units in 27 buildings
((15) included 1,400 units in 27
buildings ((15) 6-story and (12) 14-story
buildings plus a Community Center and
Welcome Center).  

The concept is UP, not out, so the
design called for  underground parking
and high-rises, and provided open
space and recreational areas for the
families.  Camp Humphreys is growing
from about 10,000 people to 44,000.
Azerbaijan is currently undergoing a
transformation from the 'no frills' architecture of the
former Soviet Republic to the most contemporary
skyscrapers in the world.

In January, 2012 – Mr. Woods was on assignment
for Heerim Architects in Baku, Azerbaijan assisting
in getting the Crescent Hotel and the SOCAR High
Rise Office Building out of the ground. He
coordinated with designers, builders, construction
manager and the owner by aiding
communications and resolving construction
Crescent Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan

The Crescent Hotel is constructed on a
man-made island, which was under
construction while I was in Baku and
attending constructions meetings. The
on-shore portion of the site is pictured above
and was undergoing de-watering and
foundation work.
New Management Office of the State Oil Company of
Azerbaijan Republic
(SOCAR), Baku, Azerbaijan

Most of Mr. Woods’ time during this month was spent in
his office at the SOCAR construction site. He provided
assistance to the CM and Architectural groups with the
client's on-site engineers and representatives. He
attended construction meetings and performed regular
walk-throughs of the construction.
SOCAR comprises 38 floors, plus 2 levels of
underground parking, and, at 205 meters (673 feet), is
the highest skyscraper in the Caucasus. Construction
budget was $235.4 million.

The tower has a twisted form to resemble a flame and
an exterior skin of glass and aluminum. A number of
Atriums, spanning several floors in the tower, allow you
to see into the floors above from those below. The
high-rise is designed as offices for some 2,000
employees and is equipped with every convenience
including their own exercise facilities, conference halls,
and dining facilities.  The project has a high-tech rooftop
Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) and a sophisticated
window washing system which does not require window
washing personnel to scale the building.