Healthcare Projects
Craig A. Woods, RA
LEED    Accredited Professional
Huntington Outpatient Services Pavilion, Pasadena,
(An HDR Project)

The Huntington Outpatient Services Pavilion is a $38
million medical office building taking ¾ of the block and
California Blvd. in the City of Pasadena.

The work consists of one Medical Office Building
containing approximately 193,867 GSF (gross square
feet) in three (3) stories for a portion of the building and
four (4) stories for the remainder of the building.  The
project also included a 234,000 square foot 683
vehicle parking structure of 6.5 stories, 2.5 of which
were subterranean.  Thirty bike pods were provided for
alternative transportation.  Approximately 10% of the
site was landscaped, including a public art feature.

The facility includes patient drop off areas with covered
canopies, a garden for contemplation, two central
cores with lobbies, 7 elevators, and support.  Tenant
improvement areas (by others) included: Ambulatory
Surgery Center; Oncology Treatment Center; Imaging
Center; Woman’s center; Café; and provision for two
future Linear Accelerators for Cancer Treatment.

Site challenges included underground fuel storage
tanks, and a 7 foot cross-slope within the building
Grossmont Medical Terrace Office Building, La Mesa,
CA  (An HDR Project)

HDR designed the new medical office building to
blend with the existing architectural styles of a new
hospital tower and another existing medical office
building.  The design creates a smooth, integrated
façade for the northern rim of the healthcare campus.

A major challenge of the design was working within the
confines of a small, steeply sloping site.  The
integration of the new building required an elevated or
terraced slab on grade, which designers liken to
“building the structure on stilts.”

To solve the problem of a shortage of parking for the
hospital -- in addition to providing parking for the new
MOB -- HDR designed the parking structure with room
for 750 vehicles.  The design also accommodates
pedestrian movement of staff from the parking garage
to the hospital using the MOB as a vertical link.
Grossmont Medical Terrace, as the new medical office
facility will be known, was completed in the summer of

Cost:  $12 million (estimated)
Square Footage:  65,000 SF (MOB)
Project architect for the preliminary design and the
employees of a healthcare product manufacturing
plant and residents in the surrounding community. The
building included public, employee and professional
areas for 3 doctors and a dentist.

Tyco Healthcare, Child Care Center, Kendall Plant,
Tijuana, Mexico. (ET)

Project architect for the design of a child care center
servicing the employees of a healthcare product
manufacturing plant. The design was used to develop
Capital Expense Request for plant. Performed
programming functions for the client and developed
preliminary site, floor plan and exterior design for the
facility. The facility was designed to accommodate 58
Nursing children and 124 Toddlers (ages 4 months to
4 years) for a total of 182 Children. Site design
accommodated a child drop off area and employee
parking. Interior spaces included kitchen,
multipurpose room, laundry, milk prep laboratory,
infirmary, administrative offices, training room, break
room, locker room, mechanical room, 3 nurseries and
5 classrooms for child-care. An interior courtyard
provided a highly controlled recreation area and
sodded areas, exterior to the building, provided more
athletic recreation spaces

Chiller Expansion, St. Lukes Hospital, San Antonio,
Texas. (SDG)

Architect responsible for design and construction
documentation for plant chiller expansion for the
hospital complex. Provided demolition drawings for
existing spaces and documented new construction,
equipment, and coordinated consultants.
St. Joseph Health System
St. Jude Outpatient Center,
Fullerton, CA

Project Manager
(through schematic
design prior to taking over larger
project)  (HDR)
8.5-story Parking Structure and
104,000 GSF, 4-Story Medical Office
Building. This building was
integrated with an existing 76,252 gsf
Medical Office Building. Construction
building spanned over the existing
drive-way to the patient drop-off circle
and connected the building to the
parking structure.
$34.5M Osan Hospital Addition & Renovation, Osan Air Base, Korea (+LEED Documentation)

Mr. Woods was the Project Architect during the Design Charrette at Osan Air Base and provided
architectural LEED documentation during the course of the project. The purpose of this project is
to construct a new 2-story medical addition adjacent to the existing hospital facility, a second floor
addition (Upper Level) to be located over the existing single story portion of the existing hospital
facility, and areas of Alteration work within both, the Upper and Lower Levels, of the existing
Hospital Building 777 for the 51st Medical Group (51 MG) at Osan Air Base.

The total area for the addition (26,200 sf) and hospital renovation (24,542 sf) was a total of
50,742 square feet. The DD 1391 budget was $34,600.000.
Sharp Grossmont Hospital Outpatient Imaging
, La Mesa, CA  (An HDR Project)

Mr. Woods was Project Manager during the
design, permitting and construction of the fit-out
of the ground floor imaging center in the newly
constructed Grossmont Medical Terrace Office
Building. The 9,500 square foot facility
incorporated the latest CT and MRI technology.